Coherency Processing

The CohTEEC® approach consists of a number of methods and algorithms suitable for mapping lithology changes, gas (oil) - water contacts and fracture delineation. Multi-trace filters detect and map faults and fracture zones. In addition, lithology changes and gas (oil) - water contacts lead to different seismic wave pictures, which can be characterised using CohTEEC® attributes.
Pattern recognition and feature extraction are further methods used to generate seismic attributes and to cope with the huge amount of data in 3D seismic surveys. Such filters and algorithms are widely known from material science and medical image processing.

A variety of different algorithms leading to 2D and 3D volume attributes can be used to characterize the seismic signal. Advantages of using CohTEEC® attributes include:

Using a variety of available algorithms and operators, a bundle of solution-dependent methods can be implemented
Only a short time window is necessary for most of the attributes
The local orientation of geological features can be taken into account
The underlying software has been developed in-house and is subject to continuous development. The proprietary code and the algorithms do not touch existing patents.

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